True Rebellion breeds True Innovation.  To truly innovate you have to deny the status quo and challenge the norm. Let me ask you – Are you a Rebel? Do you go with the flow or do you expect the unexpected? Do you stand out of the crowd or do you stand in with the crowd?

I am under the belief that to expect great things from God, you have to include one act of rebellion into your arsenal – Prayer. I have been challenged to consider Prayer due to some books that have crossed my path in the last 6 months – one of them being Pastor Mark Batterson’s “Circle Maker“. If we were true to ourselves, we would agree that most of us have a Prayer Life that barely exists or it resembles a chore or a boring act of tradition instilled in us. It does not reflect a divine relationship, an awe-struck moment when we come in direct contact with heaven.

When the world around us is screaming out for our attention to keep us ever so busy, prayer is one act of defiance that allows us to close our eyes and ears for a moment to commune with our Creator. Whether you are believing God for your dreams or praying for a healing or need His guidance as you are standing at a crossroads of a major decision, the journey to discovering His will in our lives begins on our Knees.

I want to challenge our hearts today. Be a Rebel. Re-discover Prayer. Truly Innovate. 


Do you have a dream? Maybe to start your own company, a restaurant, a non-profit or maybe accomplish everything on your bucket list. Well, from personally engaging with many dreamers and being a “perpetual dreamer” myself, I believe every dream before it lifts off the ground will go through one or both these these stages:

  1. “Self-Doubt Stage: If your dreams terrify you, it is actually a great thing. If it keeps you up at night, then it’s a dream worth fighting for. But fear and self-doubt can keep you from actually jumping in and taking risks. There are lot of people who have dreams but sadly – they will never begin the journey. They falsely feel inadequate and ill-equipped and choose not to try. Fear of failure or embassrassment keeps them from taking the first step. Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times when trying to create the light bulb. When asked about it, Edison said, “I have not failed 1,000 times.  I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” Let go of fear today and take the first step and then, keep trying 1000 times. 
  2. “Lonely” Stage: There are a lot of dreams that die at this stage. Some wise person once said “Every dream has a journey.” The truth is that sometimes this journey can be really lonely. You share your dream with your family, friends or even your husband or wife but they don’t get you. You experience one closed door after another. To make things worse, sometimes, a friend/partner will be excited to join you on the journey – only to walk away in a short period of time. No one else will be as passionate about your dream than you. For every nine doors that close, one will open. Don’t quit, gather courage and keep pressing forward.

Make up your mind today. Start the journey. Let go of fear. Keep trying 1000 times.


Did you hear this story? It’s a video that has gone viral. Three-year-old Grayson Clamp who was born without cochlear nerves hears his Dad’s Voice for the First Time after receiving an auditory brain stem implant. Here is the link to the Video: Click. The first words he hears from his Dad is this “Daddy loves you“.

My mind instantly thought of our Heavenly Father and the first time I heard His voice clearly on June 25, 1995, as He whispered in my ears, “Daddy loves you”. I remember falling on my knees and crying for hours on the bedroom floor. Maybe you remember the day you heard Him speak for the first time and maybe just like me….. tears were rolling down your eyes…. as you realize what He was saying to you… He loves you.

In this fast-paced, ever-busy and noise-driven life we are living in, I sometimes wonder if the world shuts out the voice of our Father. There is a world out there that is waiting to hear those few words from their Creator, Father in Heaven “Daddy Loves You”. Here is the most amazing aspect, God wants to use you to share that with the people at work, the local coffee barista you go to every morning, the gas station attendent you see every morning – everyone around you. They can’t hear His voice but we can do something about it. Are you ready to share Christ? Let’s be bold – there is a world that is waiting…

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Reason #1:
Phil Wickham – Need we say more? Phil Wickham will be LIVE from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Friday, June 7th! (check out one of his songs: link)

Reason # 2:
Speaker lineup (June 8th) – Pete Wilson, Margaret Feinberg, Dr. David Ireland, Bonnie Gay (here are personal welcomes from Pete Wilson and Margaret Feinberg)

Reason #3:
Our theme: ONLY BELIEVE. Obstacles and challenges in this journey are just altar moments in our lives where God reveals His face to us. (read our theme – it will inspire you – link)

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I was waking up late. The curtains were pulled closed and I remember lying there in bed for awhile. Graduation had taken place the week before and I really enjoyed college. In an intense moment of sadness, I felt overwhelmed by all the “best” times that were behind me. There was another thought that came with it, though—one that nagged at me: “Jesus, you had to have meant more than this.”

From an early age, my parents had brought my sisters and I to church, so I had heard the stories. I went to youth group, bible studies throughout college, and sincerely tried to understand Jesus’ teachings. What I hadn’t known was that He had good plans for me.

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We hope that you are bold enough in faith to engage with our theme on a personal level and #OnlyBelieve. We pray that you have the boldness to believe that God can do amazing things. But perhaps more importantly, we hope that you have the boldness to ask. The nature of your prayers will stem from your vision of God, and we pray that this Summit can widen that vision for God’s ability.

God leaves us a large volume of words, the Bible, that show us the extent of his greatness and goodness. He shares stories of great provision, power, justice, and vision that all contribute to a more comprehensive story of relationship with His creation. This same God that has the power to control the on/off switches of our lives also shows significant and unparalleled sacrifice for His created people.

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Did you know? It is estimated that an average person on an average day – from the time they walk into Starbucks to the time they go to bed will have collided with roughly 30 people. Now on the surface, that might sound insignificant but let’s slow life down and consider that thought through the filter of Jesus’ words to be Salt and Light in this world. This means today you collided with 30 people – who each had their own personal unique story and that your genuine “Hello – How are you doing today?” could make the day of that barista behind the counter. The truth is that – if we slow our lives down a little and just spend a little less time on our mobile devices – just maybe – your collision has the power to change someone else’s day. You are a Collyder. You are Light. You are Salt. And with the Holy Spirit inside of you, you can change the world by what you say, do and how you live.

This blog is about my collisions, my story, my struggles, my God-moments and everything about my journey. Yep, about Collyde too – a dream He birthed in my heart many years ago (visit &

There are a few other awesome Collyders joining me on this journey – Kristen Hamilton, Elliott Shuey and a few members of the Collyde team. They will inspire you with their life-stories and deep revelations about Christ, Collisions, Calling and Leadership.

I am a Collyder and you can be one too!